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After intensive research and development, Planar Semiconductor AG (HSE: PSC) has developed its proprietary Generation II gasless pulsed jet technology, which is fully incorporated throughout its Pulsar product family.   A Pulsar system prepares the surface of a semiconductor wafer and cleans it – primarily with de-ionized water – without damaging the advanced structures being fabricated on the wafer; as a consequence, its utilization enables a semiconductor device manufacturer to increase its production yields.  Pulsar systems are offered in 300mm, 200mm and soon-to-be-released 450mm wafer processing configurations.  Highly flexible due to its ability to perform multiple processes inside a single system, a Pulsar provides extremely high productivity at a very competitive  cost.

A semiconductor wafer is a base substrate made of polysilicon upon which semiconductor devices (commonly referred to as “chips”) are constructed through repeated processes including photolithography, chemical deposition, etching, ion implantation and surface preparation/cleaning.  The semiconductor manufacturing industry uses 300mm and 200mm wafers for most of the world’s  production of memory and logic  chips.  Several hundred to thousands of chips are typically constructed on a single wafer, making that wafer increasingly valuable, and these wafers are processed in state-of-the-art fabrication facilities (commonly referred to as “fabs”), which cost several billion dollars to construct and equip.

Planar’s Generation I technology was successfully deployed in Planar’s original systems that have been utilized in high volume manufacturing of memory and logic chips at multiple customer sites.

Planar is the technology leader in surface preparation and cleaning systems for the global semiconductor industry.  Its website is