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Planar Semiconductor Addresses Rapidly Growing Market

Planar Semiconductor AG (Hamburg Stock Exchange Symbol: PSC) announced today that its recently introduced Pulsar™ wafer cleaning system represents the leading state-of-the-art solution to the growing need by the semiconductor industry for advanced cleaning and surface preparation of silicon wafers. At the Industry Strategy Symposium sponsored by SEMI, the global semiconductor industry association, held last month, VLSI Research Inc. presented its segment estimates for the semiconductor capital equipment industry’s growth; notably among them, the fastest is wafer cleaning, with segment revenues forecasted to grow from approximately $1.7 billion in 2015 to nearly $3.0 billion in 2019.

In reaction to VLSI Research’s presentation, Rob Randhawa, the CEO and founder of Planar, said: “This unprecedented rapid growth in wafer cleaning sales is being driven by the heightened challenges associated with the introduction of new materials and more complex processes in the manufacturing of semiconductor devices as well as by the overall increase in the demand for chips. The bases of the current technologies implemented are literally decades old and have reached their functional limits. In marked contrast, Planar’s vertically-oriented pulsed jet cleaning wafer cleaning technology is revolutionary and addressed the industry’s needs of both today and the foreseeable future. Moreover, our company’s Pulsar™ systems clean more effectively and are far less expensive to own and operate than those of our larger competitors.”

Planar has just begun volume production of the Pulsar™, with the first order provided by a German company. Additional orders from others are pending the completion of Planar’s current capital raise. Planar is the technology leader in wafer cleaning and surface preparation systems for the global semiconductor industry. The company’s website is