Planar Semiconductor AG
“We manufacture and sell
the world‘s most advanced system.”

Planar Semiconductor

A holding company headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, Planar operates a wholly-owned subsidiary, Planar Semiconductor, Inc., in Milpitas, California and a majority-owned joint venture in Singapore.

Planar is a capital equipment company that has developed and commercialized a revolutionary approach to cleaning semiconductor wafers. Our proprietary — and patented — technologies employ orienting the wafer vertically and hydraulically pulsing fluids onto its entire surface area, thereby enabling simultaneous cleaning of the wafer’s front, back and bevel edge.

Our Pulsar™ family of single wafer cleaning systems enhances our customers’ manufacturing yields and provides them with enormous flexibility in combining DI water and dilute chemistries for high productivity strip and critical cleaning applications –accomplished without damaging the delicate circuit structures being fabricated on the wafer. Consequently, our Pulsar™s are capable of meeting all of our customer’s single wafer surface preparation and cleaning needs.

A significant benefit of vertical orientation is that the architecture of the Pulsar™ system can accomodate both 300mm and 200mm wafers and is readily scalable to enable the cleaning of 450mm wafers without any significant increase in the system’s footprint or process costs.