Planar Semiconductor AG
“Front and back surface of the wafer
is cleaned with identical efficiency”


The proprietary, differentiated,disruptive, and patented technology Planar employs to prepare the surface of the wafers and clean them incorporates several unique elements:

  • Vertically-oriented wafer rotated at selected speed
  • Hydraulically-pulsed fluid jetting without the use of a gas as an accelerator or atomizer
  • In-situ mixing of standard or specialized chemistries including auto-dilution
  • Advanced IPA (or unique chemical formulation)/nitrogen drying implementation

300mm wafer cleaning in a Pulsar™ system:

  • Wafer is rotated at programmable speeds during cleaning and drying
  • Wafer holding mechanism: edge contact at three locations
  • Pulsed jets of fluid are projected onto both sides (and edge) of the wafer
  • DI water and chemistry as prescribed
  • Programmable recipes for multiple applications

The Pulsar™ model has been designed to provide the highest achievable efficiency in removing defects, particles and other contaminants from a wafer’s surface while avoiding any damage to the structures.